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IdeaScale Cookie Policy

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 01:26PM PDT
IdeaScale sometimes places small data files called cookies in your browser.  This is a common practice for the functionality of many websites.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. It enables a website to remember your actions and preferences (such as the fact that you logged in, your preferred language and font size, and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to re-enter such details each time you return to the website.
Cookies can either be session cookies or persistent cookies. A session cookie expires automatically when you close your browser. A persistent cookie will remain until it expires or you delete your cookies. Expiration dates are set in the cookies themselves; some may expire after a few minutes while others may expire after multiple years.

Why does IdeaScale use cookies?

Cookies are used to authenticate users, to show the right information and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your account. Additionally, cookies help maintain and improve the quality of the Services. Cookies also allow IdeaScale to improve and understand specific Service features. This information allows IdeaScale to improve the overall user experience. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you disable cookies, you may still use the Services, but your ability to use some features may be limited.

What types of cookies are used?

Cookie Category Description
Essential Cookies These cookies are essential for you to move around the IdeaScale website and to use the Services.  For example, they enable you to stay logged in and to enter specific communities.  Without these cookies, the website would not function properly.
Preference Cookies Cookies allow for a personalized experience by remembering your preferences, such as preferred language, region of origin, and customized content.
Analytics Cookies These Cookies are used to collect anonymized information about how you use the the Services.  They gather data, such as the IdeaScale pages you visit most frequently and the error messages you encounter.  IdeaScale only uses analytics cookies to analyze movement within the Services and to improve the functioning of the Services.
Advertising Cookies IdeaScale uses cookies to advertise its Services to you elsewhere on the Internet.  These cookies enable the delivery of interest-based ads that may be relevant to you as a result of your activities on the IdeaScale marketing pages.  For clarity, such cookies are not used within IdeaScale communities. These cookies provide IdeaScale with information (such as where you saw the ad) to help analyze the impact of its advertising campaigns.  IdeaScale also includes links to social networks and third-party sites (for example, Facebook and LinkedIn), which may then use information about your visit to target advertising to you on their websites.  You should check third-party websites for information about the cookies they use.

Specifically, IdeaScale cookies include:
Cookie Name Cookie Provider Cookie Purpose Cookie Duration
wpml_browser_redirect_test WPML Automatic redirect based on browser language Session
user_segment IdeaScale Describes the storage allocated for the segments owned by the current user’s objects.  
lc_window_state LiveChat Inc Enables website owners to talk to visitors to their site. Session
ISSESSIONID IdeaScale A session ID is a unique number that a web site’s server assigns a specific user for the duration of that user’s visit. Session
_icl_visitor_lang_js WPML This cookie plugin WPML Multilanguage respond to and are responsible for identifying the user’s browser language to determine which language to display the web. 1 day
_icl_current_language WPML It stores a language value for the website. 1 day
_gat Google Analytics Used to limit the number of requests that have to be made to doubleclick.net. 10 minutes
_ga Google Analytics Used to distinguish numbers. 2 years
_dc_gtm_UA-47322948-1 Google Tag Manager Used to load other scripts and code into a page. 10 minutes
__smToken SumoMe Used to identify logged in users. 100 years
__smListBuilderShown SumoMe Used to determine whether the panel proposing to subscribe is visible or not. 2 days
visitor_id30732 Pardot Unique visitor ID used to track site visitors 10 years
__lc.visitor_id.3209672 LiveChat Inc Allows website owners to recognize and talk to visitors. 3 years
__exitmonitor_timeout_54fa056c3433620010000000 Exit Monitor Used to create targeted offers. 10 minutes
__exitmonitor_guid_54fa056c3433620010000000 Exit Monitor Used to create targeted offers. 274 years
__exitmonitor_54fa056c3433620010000000 Exit Monitor Used to create targeted offers. 5 minutes
__cfduid CloudFlare Used to override any security restrictions based on the IP address the vissitor is coming from. 1 yr
__ar-v4 DoubleClick Used to track conversion rates for ads. 5 yrs
__utmz Google Analytics Keep track of where the visitor came from, what search engine you used, what link you clicked on, what keyword you used, and where they were in the world when you accessed a websie. 6 months
__utmt_b Google Analytics Used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high traffic volume websites. 10 minutes
__utmt Google Analytics Used to throttle request rate. 10 minutes
__utmb Google Analytics Takes a timestamp of exact moment in time when a visitor enters a site. 30 minutes
__utmc Google Analytics Takes a timestamp of the exact moment in time when a visitor leaves a site. session
__utma Google Analytics Keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site pertaining to the cookie, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred. 2 years

Please note, information regarding cookies is subject to change without notice. IdeaScale does not provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information included above. IdeaScale expressly excludes liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Where does IdeaScale use these cookies?

Cookies are used on its marketing pages and within its Services. IdeaScale may place cookies on your computer or device, and receive information stored in cookies when visiting or using the Services. IdeaScale uses various domains to set cookies, including ideascale.com, its subdomains, and the domains used by IdeaScale communities.

How to delete and control cookies
If you do not want cookies or certain types of cookies to be placed in your browser, you can change your browser’s settings to delete cookies that have already been set and to not accept new cookies. To learn more about how to do this, visit the help pages of your browser. Please note, however, that if you delete cookies or do not accept them, you might not be able to use all of the features offered by the Services and may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit. If you wish to not have cookies used for the purpose of serving you interest-based ads, you may opt-out by clicking here (or if located in the European Union click here).

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