About the iPhone App Widget

The IdeaScale iPhone widget allows any iPhone app to quickly and easily collect crowdsourced feedback right within their application. With this widget, your users can leave feedback within your app - as opposed to following a link to Safari or sending an email (thus they leave your app). In addition, the iPhone widget supports push notifications. This allows you to notify your users when their ideas/bugs are implemented: bringing them back to your application.

Are there example applications where I can test out the widget?

Yes. There are various applications in the app store using the plugin now (see links below). Also, we've created a test application in the app store that you can download for free and test out. Remember that this is merely a test application with test ideas/comments. Links here:

How much does it cost to use this?

The IdeaScale iPhone widget is free for all free iPhone apps (if your app is free, the IdeaScale subscription plan is also free). For paid apps, the subscription plan is the same as list price ($99/month or $2500 a year).

How can I get my free subscription plan?

To get your account upgraded to the free subscription plan (if your app is currently a free app), please send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

  • email address associated with the free account you've signed up with at ideascale.com
  • a link to your app in the iTunes app store

How do I add an IdeaScale widget to my iPhone application?

There are three main steps to adding this IdeaScale cocoa widget to your iPhone application:

  1. Create an IdeaScale community if you haven't already.
  2. Obtain the IdeaScale API key.
  3. Integrate the IdeaScale cocoa widget into your iPhone application.

Does the iPhone Cocoa Widget support push notifications?

Yes! The widget allows you to push notifications to your app each time the status for an idea changes. For example, if your app user submits a bug and the idea's status is marked as, "Complete", the widget can push a notification to bring the user back to your app.

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