Each idea in your community has a stage that shows community members the progress of Idea as it is considered and/or implemented.

What stages can an idea have?

  • Inbound: Default stage for Ideas created by un-authenticated widget users. These ideas are queued up to be either approved by the Member himself after authentication or by an authenticated Moderator.
  • Active: Default stage for Ideas created by authenticated Members. Ideas in this state are visible in most screens.
  • In Review: Idea is being reviewed & will possibly be implemented.
  • In Progress: Idea is actively being worked on.
  • Complete: Idea has been implemented.
  • Closed: Idea will not be considered. The Idea is hidden from community members entirely.
  • Off-Topic: Idea is not relevant in the context of this community. The Idea is viewable and searchable, but not part of the main list of ideas (Popular, recent, etc).

How can I edit the stage of an Idea?
A Moderator can edit the stage of an Idea by clicking on the Idea detail screen, then click the "Moderate Idea" tab and select 'Edit Idea'.

What are the Recent, Popular, and Hot tabs?

  • Recent: Ideas are ordered by date.
  • Popular: Ideas ordered by number of votes.
  • Hot: A combination of recent Ideas and popular ideas.

Do we get notifications when the idea stage is changed?

Realtime subscribers will receive an email notification when the stage changes :

"In Review" to "X" "X" to "Completed"

The author of Idea will get an email notification when stage changes:

"Inbound/Pending" to "Active" "Inbound/Pending" to "Closed"

Please go through the below help article to set notification email for stage:

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