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There are several different areas to adjust emails setting within the IdeaScale Platform. These settings and tools can be leveraged for customizing and scheduling email communications that are sent from the IdeaScale community to end users.

General Email Settings-
Entails two major components:

  • Who the email is being sent from 
  • Visualization of the email 
  •         Banner for branding purposes 

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DKIM Setting-
DomainKeys Identified Mail
(DKIM) is an email authentication protocol, designed to filter out email spoofing. The protocol allows an email exchange to verify that the sender (from address) of the email is indeed the sender. To achieve this, two corresponding keys are generated, a private key used for signing emails, and a public key used by email exchanges to verify the signature. Public keys are stored in public dns and are looked up by all who encounter a corresponding DKIM signature in email header.

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Email Deliver Reports-
This displays the deliverability report for a given email configuration in a community.

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Email Transport Debugging-
Upon enabling the Email Transport Debugging, all email activity generated by the system will be affected. So any activity, that will generate an email, will generate a log entry. 

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 Digest Emails-
 Digest emails section helps in customizing and scheduling all the digest email notifications sent to the community members regarding new activities taking place within the community.
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 Notification Emails-
 The community administrator can set a certain validity/time span for the links received in various verification and password reset emails with the help of this section.
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Admin Notification Emails-

 The community owner can opt to receive or not receive real time email notifications for every new user who sign up for the community at the email address specified in this field. This section cannot be customized.

Idea Sharing Via Email-
Idea sharing via email tool allows to send an idea to all the registered users in your community as well as people outside IdeaScale.
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Default Notification Preferences-
The administrator of the community can customize the following notifications as default for all the new users who sign up for the community after customizing this section. The member may change these notification for their own profile after joining the community.
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Email Subscription / Notification-
The number of members subscribed to various email notifications is displayed in this section.

Clicking on the numbers displayed in front of each email notification name will take you to the 'Search / Filter Members' area will the list of members who have opted for that email notification.
Send Manual Notification-
Clicking on this link will send a weekly digest for given number of ideas and comments to all the members who have subscribed for it.

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