What is Archive Stage?
Archive Stages was built to help Admins tidy up their Communities by giving them a place to store dated, off-topic, or on hold ideas. Rather than storing ideas in an active Stage like Ideate, Refine, or Build Team, Admins can now move ideas into an Archive Stage which can be visible or invisible in their community.
Where do I create an Archive Stage?
Archive Stages can be added like any other Stage in your admin Settings. Go to your settings, select Workflow. Select Stages. Create a new Stage and select “Archive” as your Stage type.

How do I make Archive Stages visible or invisible in my Community?
Under Stage Specific Settings: Archive, select ON to make your Archive Stage visible in the community. Select OFF to make your Archive Stage invisible

Enabling the Visible switch will have the Archived stage displayed in the homepage with all the other stages but would not reflect the ideas. However if we enable the Include Archived Ideas in "All Stages" will display the archived ideas in list view and will have number of archived ideas added in the funnel in All Stages.

Where will my Archive Stage appear in my Community?
Here! At the bottom of your Stage Flow.

Does anything happen to my ideas in Archive Stages?
No. Archive Stages are like folders or shelves. Unlike all the other Stages, Archive Stages is a holding place for ideas.
 Can I automatically move ideas into or out of my Archive Stages?
 Currently no. This is planned but not scheduled

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