Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept the following credit cards.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Why do I get an Invalid Card Number error when I update/add my credit card information?
 Please make sure you are entering the following details properly:

  • License Level : Please make sure you select the license level from the drop menu if it is not selected.
  • Name On Card : Please enter the name exactly as displayed on the Credit Card.
  • Card Number : Please enter the entire credit card number without hyphens or spaces. (For your security IdeaScale masks your card number with asterisks.
  • Expiration Date : Expiration Date as on Credit card
  • Security Code : Please see the Security Code help link below
  • Address : Enter the correct address for the credit card.
  • City : Enter the correct city for the credit card.
  • State / Province : Enter in abbreviation for state / province.
  • Country : Enter in your country. (Please leave this field blank if you do not reside in US or Canada.)
  • Zip Code : Enter zip code of your area

 Once you click on 'Add a new credit card', a new tab will open asking of your credit card details.

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