Community Settings >> Reports >> Export Data >> Export Authentication Audit Log
 Export Authentication Data report provides details of member's login activity. Community administrator can check
 whether members were able to login successfully or failed authentication and what channel (identity) do member use to accessed the community.
 Date Filter: download data for specific time period by inserting start date and end date
 The following fields are included in the Excel or CSV file:

  • Date/time: Date and time while login.
  • IP: Network IP address of the user.
  • Type: 
  1. Authentication success- Logged in successfully
  2. Authentication failure- Failed to log in due to incorrect email or password.
  3. Authentication success but declined- Failed to log in due to banned from community participation.
  • Mechanism:
  1. Email.token- authenticated using temporary verification or password reset link
  2. Email.password- authenticated using IdeaScale credentials
  3. Social login- authenticated using social network credentials
  • Source Name: This field will show user's profile name if user is granted access or else Anonymous due to incorrect email/password combination
  • Source Email: Email address of the member which is registered with the community.
  • Via Identity Type: 
  1. Email
  2. Social Login
  • Via Identity: Email address of user if above field is Email or link to profile page of social website if above field is social login.
  • Target Name: This field will show use's profile name if target email is registered with community or else field will be blank due to invalid email address.
  • Target Email: Email address of user at the time of log in.

Note: Source name/email is same as target name/email if authenticated successful

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