We are phasing out from our older version of community theme 2.0 interface and wanted to take this opportunity to get your community upgraded to our current 3.0 version. The upgrade will be seamless and will only take a few minutes. Please contact your Account Manager to get this upgrade done.
 Benefits of the upgrade?
 1. Improved and faster user interface.
 2. Mobile responsive: With more and more people relying on mobile devices, our newer version provides a much better user experience for those accessing the community on mobile.
 3. More reliability: As we phase out the use of the older version of our platform, we’re going to be focusing more on fine tuning the quality of our current version and spending less time supporting the older versions.
 It’s just the latest version of our tool which we would like all our clients to be on since it offers the optimal experience for all users. There are some slight changes that your users will notice such as the layout of the page including the placement of the navigation column.
 Please see the below details showing changes that’s on 3.0.:
 1. Our statuses are now Stages! Essentially, this is statuses on steroids. It’s a much more robust way of continuing to engage your community to move ideas along to the point where they’re “pitch-ready,” including building a team, refining, reviewing and estimating cost. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a full demo.

 2. It’s fully responsive, meaning it optimizes on any device or screen size. This ensures that all your participants get the most of out of your community, and vice versa.
 3. The header banner dimensions has changed to 840 x 141 pixels.
 4. The admin and moderator lists are now on the right-hand panel:

 5. Although the link is still on the front end, “Manage Campaigns” now takes you to the back end to edit or add campaigns.

 6. In the Idea Details screen, the options that used to be in list form -- attachments, similar ideas, teams, etc. -- are now organized into Tabs.

 Q: What happens if I have custom CSS?
 A: Your CSS will need to upgraded. IdeaScale will work with you to help you upgrade your CSS. Please contact your Innovation Architect to schedule a review and a time to ugprade.
 Q: Will I lose any of my data?
No data will be lost. All ideas, comments, votes and member activities will be intact.
 Q: What are the steps to upgrading?
There are no steps to upgrade from customer end. Please contact your Innovation Architect to discuss and get your community upgraded.
 Q: Whats the timeline?
After Aug 30th, all communities will be ugpraded automatically.

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