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This section allows you to make changes to enhance the look & feel for your community according to your preference by using HTML and changing various settings.

Site HTML Pages

This sections allows you to edit the text and HTML codes for Header, Footer, Homepage, Custom pages etc

Help article on Site HTML Pages :

Where you can upload a logo on your community. For best results and to optimize performance, dimensions of logo image files should be set to 96px x 96px.

Help article on Logo :

 Banner Selection

Choose a banner from the gallery, or upload a new banner image of your own.
Help article on Banner Selection :
Custom iOS Home Screen Icon

Allows to upload an icon for your community's iphone home screen. Apple Touch Icon should be a 57x57 (in pixels) PNG file.

Help article: 


Community Color

This setting helps you to change the community color with a highlight and two accent colors.

You may choose three colors:

  • Highlight color: This color is used to call out specific action items in the community and should also contrast well with white.
  • Accent color 1: Should be more muted than the highlight and contrast well with white
  • Accent color 2: we recommend a slightly lighter version of the first accent color that contrasts well with white.

Not sure how to find the perfect color for your community? Check out this website to find HTML color codes: 

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