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Customize Tabs
This sections allows you to customize various tabs settings

  1. Random Tab: When ON this tab will display ideas in a random sort order.
  2. 'My' Tab : When enabled this tab will display all the ideas posted by the user
  3. Select the Default "My Tab": This has a dropdown with the list of tabs from which you can select the desired tab that should be displayed as default. 
  4. Recent Tab : When ON this tab will display the ideas which are recently submitted.
  5. Popular Tab : Turning ON this tab will display the top voted ideas.\
  6. Hot Ideas Tab : Ideas having maximum (net votes) + (comments x 2) qualify as Hot Idea
  7. My Assignments : This tab is meant for communities using Idea Ownership . When ON the idea owners would be able to see all the ideas he owns under this tab , thus making it simpler for the Idea Owners to manage their assigned ideas.

 Please Note : The ability to set the My Assignments tab to ON/OFF becomes available  to the Administrators, under Customize Tab, only after the Idea Ownership enabled for the community

Above is a screenshot of what the feature looks like in the settings and below is what it looks like to users on the front end. 

My Ideas: All ideas submitted by a member will be displayed under this tab.
Owned Ideas: Ideas for which you are assigned as an owner will come be visible in this tab.
Idea Teams: If you have been assigned as a team member for any idea will be shown in this tab.
Following: Ideas you have selected to follow will be in this tab.
Action Items: Any ideas which requires your action like, any ideas in review stage, any contribution in fund stage etc would show in this tab.
My Drafts: This contains all of your draft ideas

Sorting Ideas  

Arrows seen next to the tab name allow the ideas to be sorted on basis of Date or Votes. Clicking on the current activated tab toggles the sort direction, up / down. (For example, toggling the popular tab switches sorting from the most popular ideas on top to the least popular on top).
Ideas sorted based on dates.

Ideas sorted on basis of votes

Ideas sorted on basis of your ideas.

Ideas listed in a random manner.

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