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Idea Stage

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2018 09:23PM PDT

Each idea in your community has a stage that shows community members the progress of Idea as it is considered and/or implemented.

What stages can an idea have?

  • Inbound: Default stage for Ideas created by un-authenticated widget users. These ideas are queued up to be either approved by the Member himself after authentication or by an authenticated Moderator.
  • Pending Approval: Default stage for Ideas created by authenticated Members but is awaiting approval from moderator.
  • Ideate: This is a default stage in which members can add their votes and comments to the ideas.
  • Build: Idea is actively being worked on by creating teams with members assigned to specific roles.
  • Review: Idea is being reviewed & will possibly be implemented.
  • Recycle Bin: Idea will not be considered. The Idea is hidden from community members entirely.
  • Off-Topic: Idea is not relevant in the context of this community. The Idea is viewable and searchable, but not part of the main list of ideas (Popular, recent, etc).


How can I edit the stage of an Idea?

A Moderator can edit the stage of an Idea by clicking on the Idea detail screen, then click the "Moderate Idea" tab and select 'Edit Idea' . They can also use the Moderator dashboard.

What are the Recent, Popular, and Hot tabs?

  • Recent: Ideas are ordered by date.
  • Popular: Ideas ordered by number of votes.
  • Hot: A combination of recent Ideas and popular ideas.


Do we get notifications when the idea stage is changed?

Realtime subscribers will receive an email notification when the stage changes :

"In Review" to "X" "X" to "Completed"

The author of Idea will get an email notification when stage changes:

"Inbound/Pending" to "Active" "Inbound/Pending" to "Closed"

Please refer the link to set notification email for stagehttps://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/1001495

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