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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2018 10:33PM PDT

 Community Settings >> Engagement >> Campaigns

A Campaign in IdeaScale is a category or bucket into which ideas are placed for an organization. It allows members of your community to sort by idea/question subject. Use cases for Campaigns include areas of business (Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, etc...), regional offices (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, etc...), or types of ideas (Ideas for Productivity, Ideas for Fun, Ideas for Profit).

The Campaigns show up on the right side of the portal. As you hover over the campaign the Campaign description and the Campaign Brief will be displayed.

Campaign Management

1) Add New Campaign : When setting up an IdeaScale community, 3 sample Campaigns are automatically created. Through "Manage Campaigns" on the right navigation panel on homepage, the Community Administrator can easily add campaign and new campaign group.

2) Add New Campaign Group: Adding a campaign group helps the administrator of the community to group all the related campaigns under one group for better operation and control of the campaign.

2) Edit : Campaigns as well as their groups can be edited or delete by clicking on the respective links on the right side of the campaign name in Community settings. You can edit them even when they are active. You can use
 basic HTML codes within the campaign description which follows the same validation rules as Site HTML.

3) Move : To arrange the campaigns in desired order simply drag and drop them.

4) Delete : You can delete them by clicking 'Delete' link, though once deleted all the ideas or question within will be deleted as well and moved to the 'Recycle Bin' or deleted permanently as per the settings enabled by the admin in the Look & Feel section.

5) Campaign Start date & End date : Settings a start date and end date for a campaign helps in setting a time-frame for the campaign. After a Campaign concludes (post end date), they get archived and are moved to 'Archived Campaigns' by the system where they are available for viewing of community users but is closed for any activity like voting, commenting etc. 

Community Settings >> Engagement >> Campaigns

Creating a Campaign : A campaign has been segregated in different sections inorder to set up and customise it as per our requirement.

The first section includes the Basic information of the campaign.

Basic Settings
1. Language: The Language of the campaign depends upon language of the community set up by the administrator.

2. Name: A name has to be specified for the campaign.

3. Question / Challenge Statement: Providing a question or challenge statement summarising the campaign's mission will attract the members to participate in the campaign.

4. Instruction for Idea Submit form: This section allows you to put down any instruction for the members which would be visible in the Idea submission form.

5. Campaign Group: If the community has created different campaign groups you could select the specific campaign group.

6. Campaign Image: Every campaign can be set up with a custom banner image for the campaign with a recommended size of 690 x 518 (pixels). 

Behaviors and Permissions
1. Allow Voting: Enabling this will allow the members to start voting for ideas in this campaign. 
Please Note: If the voting is disabled for the entire community it will override Voting Allowed for specific campaign.

2. Disable Commenting: This setting allows us to disable commenting in any specific campaign.

3. Member Idea Submission Allowed: This setting allows the administrator to stop idea submission from members in specific campaign.

4. Member Idea File Attachment Allowed: An administrator of the community can restrict the members from uploading any attachments for the specific campaign. 

5. Disable Idea Edit by Submitter: Enabling this will not allow the Idea submitter to edit Ideas in a specific campaign when at the sometime editing ideas from a different campaign would be possible.

6. Allow Users to Subscribe to this Campaign: Turning on this setting will allow the users to subscribe to any specific campaign. Upon subscribing, users will receive email notifications of all new ideas and comments in that particular  campaign.

Privacy and Access
1. Private: Enabling this will set your campaign as private thus offering access to selected users only. Please refer: https://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/1001514-private-campaigns

2. Allow Anonymous Idea Submission: This feature enables the users to submit idea anonymously in the specific campaign while in rest of the community his name will still appear.

3. Idea Anonymous by Default: Enabling the switch "Allow Anonymous Idea Submission" also gives you an option to enable all the ideas submitted to the private campaign to remain anonymous by default.

4. Allow Anonymous Commenting: This feature enables the users to submit comment anonymously in the specific campaign while in rest of the community his name will still appear.

5. IP based Access Restriction: Access restriction based on IP address can be set for a specific campaign using this section. Please refer: https://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/1001512

6. Allow "private" submissions that will only be viewable to admins and moderators: This setting allows the idea author to keep the ideas as private and viewable only to administrator and moderators. There is further a option "Advanced "private" submission options" which will allow the users of the specific group to view the ideas submitted privately by the user.

The second section is Campaign Brief.

Campaign Brief
This section allows you to write a detail description with could not be mentioned in the Question / Challenge statement. This can have information about the campaigns mission, goal, context and evaluation criteria.

The third section is Moderation.


As the word clearly states moderation of the campaign can be assigned to Campaign Moderators who would be responsible for moderating all ideas within this campaign.

The fourth section is Funnel in Update Campaign.


Funnels are nothing but stages from which each idea goes through during the process of getting the best idea to the last stage. Funnels need to be set up in Workflow >> Funnel Management. The community comes along with a default funnel in which you have few stages. While setting up the campaign you could opt for the funnel of your choice. Once an idea is submitted to the campaign the funnel cannot be changed or altered.
In the above screenshot we see a Default workflow and Estimate funnel. The second one being created by the administrator for the community. 

The fifth tab consist of an Email Invitation.

Email Invitation

Email Invitation is sending a personalised invitation for the specific campaign inviting users to participate. This email contains the campaign banner, logo, subject and a body of the email giving details of the campaign. 

1. Email Preview: This give us a clear picture of how our email invitation will actually look when it is sent to the users.

2. Subject Line: This section allows you to customise the subject of the email.

3. Email Message: This space can be utilised to pen down a message or an invitation inviting your list of users to participate in the campaign.

4. Call to action Button: Customise this button to something catchy so the users are ready to get started with their ideas in the campaign.

5. Send Date: We can schedule the send date and the invitation will be sent at 00.00 PST on the date selected. In case its is todays date date and is past 
00.00 PST the email will be sent immediately.

6. Send to: We can opt for the email to be sent to all community members, specific group in the community or if the campaign is private then only to the members of the specific campaign.

7. Customize Sent From: This setting allows us to customise the from Email address and name as per our requirement.

8. Custom Email Banner: The email invitation can also be customised along with the email banner related to the campaign.

Please Note:  The Campaign Invitations will be sent out to members whose email status is verified. 
Campaign invite can be sent only once for each campaign on a particular day.

The last section is the Launch.


The administrator of the community can pre- set a date for the launch of the campaign along with an end date when they intend to close the campaign. You could also launch the campaign immediately if the community administrator is ready to release the campaign to the users by clicking on the Launch Immediately link.

Campaign V2:
For more details on Campaign V2 configuration here is an article:


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