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Email Domain Based Access Control

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2015 05:05AM PDT

Community Settings >> Security >> Access Restriction >> Email Based Access Control

This section allows to set restriction on the users who join the community based on their email domain. The administrator can auto approve as well as blacklist the email domains.


Access Control Settings

1) Blacklist : Enter the email domains in this section whom access to the community need to be restricted.

2) Auto Approve : 
Enter the domains which have to be Auto approved. The domains should be separated by commas. Eg. @hotmail.com , @mailinator.com, @rediffmail.com

3) When Auto Approve list do not match : Select an action to be taken when the email domains mentioned in auto approve list do not match.

Moderate Access : Selecting this will put the user with the email address other than auto approved list, in moderation. The moderator of the community will then have to approve or reject the user.

Reject Access : Selecting 'Reject access' will display an access prohibition message to the user who is trying to register with a non approved email address. For example if @mailinator.com has been blacklisted, it will receive the message as shown in the image below.   

4) Update Existing Members as Pending : Setting up Blacklist and Auto Approve list is only applicable to the new registering members. The existing ones will still have access to the community regardless of their email domain. This settings updates the existing members as well and based on their email domian allows access to the community if the email domain matches the approved one. But if it does not match, the members will be put under moderator approval and will not have access to the community till the moderator approves them.

Access based on Specific or Multiple top level domains

An administrator can limit access based on top level domains. For instance, a university administrator may wish to limit registration to the users based on email addresses at the TLD of .edu . 

When IdeaScale worked with the White House on The President's SAVE Awards, the registration was limited to the users with email addresses at government TLDs such as .gov, .mil etc


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