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Access Restrictions

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2018 01:10AM PDT
Community Settings >> Security >> Access Restrictions

This section allows administrator of the community to set various types of access restrictions or auto-approvals, curse filtering and SSL security and government compliance settings.


Email Based Access Control

This section allows to set restriction on the users who join the community based on their email domain. The administrator can auto approve as well as blacklist the email domains.

Help Article : 


2 Step Authentication


This feature helps you a second authentication apart from the password entry to the community thus securing the access. This second factor authentication has to be set up by the administrator of the community which can be either by Email me a Code or Use an Authenticator App.

Help Article: https://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/2836040-2-step-authentication


IP Based Access Restriction

IP based access restriction allows the administrator to control access to the community based on IP (Internet Protocol) address. Only those users who access the community from the defined IP addresses are allowed to view and participate in the community.

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Curse Filtering

Curse filtering feature allows the admin to blocks certain abusive words from the community.

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SSL Security

SSL security provides a secure connection between internet browsers and the websites. It helps in transmitting private data securely online.

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Secure Cookie

Secure cookie works only when SSL Security is turned on. When enabled, the community works in a secured cookie only. For example, a user is a member of 2 communities where one is Secure cookie enabled and other is not. He/She will not be able to switch from one community to another in the same cookie. To go to another community, the user will have to re-login.


Forced Password Reset

This setting allows the administrators to set up a Force password reset for all the users in a community. The default setting will be ‘0’ which will lead to no forced password reset. The unit used will be in days, so if the administrator chooses 90 it will lead to a forced reset every 90 days for each user.

Please Note:
1. Password requirements: Password must contain Minimum of 8 characters and must include symbol)
2. Password retries should be limited to a maximum of 3 attempted logons after which the member is locked out and must contact support for reinstatement.

Remember Me

This setting when enabled, uses a cookie which helps to remember login for 2 weeks.

Please Note:
"Remember Me" once enabled will override "Session time out" option.

Government Compliance

This section helps to make the community compliant according to government norms for Accessibility, Security and Privacy.

Help Article : 

Turn off auto- redirect for your domain

This setting prevents the sending of email to anyone having @domain.com even though they have not entered the community.

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