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Last Updated: Mar 28, 2018 01:08AM PDT

Community Settings >> Member Management >> Groups

Groups allows you to create a role and add a set of users to it. This role can then be used in private campaigns, Idea ownership etc.

Setting up Groups

We have two sections for adding a group General settings and Assignment method. 

General Settings:-
1. Name: Suitable name for the group has to be created.
2. Description: Describe the utility of the Role in the Description box.
Allow Group to submit Ideas :  When the role is in use ,depending on the selection “Yes” or  “No“ , the   members assigned to this role would be permitted or restricted from submitting ideas .
Allow Group to submit Comments :  When the role is in use, depending on the selection “Yes” or  “No“ , the members assigned to this role would be permitted or restricted from submitting comments .
5. Private: Enabling this switch will allow the particular group to be private.

Assignment Method:-  Both the Administrators and Global Moderators can assign a member to a group.

1. Manual Assignment: The members can be assigned by manually searching the email address and then assigning them to the group.

Search by Email Address  :  Search one member at a time .
In Group or Not in Group : Search all the members assigned to an existing community Role. When the option “In Community Role” is selected,  a drop down with the list of existing community roles is presented. The Administrator thus can search the members belonging to chosen  community role and assign them to new community role .
Note: A member may be assigned to multiple Groups.

2. Auto Assign by Email Domain: The members can be auto assigned by specifying the domains to be added to the group.

Auto Assigned Email Domains: Auto approve members of certain domain by specifying the domains in the Auto-Approve ListUse commas to separate the domain names. Eg. @nasa.com, @nst.com

Black Listed Email Domains: We can also ban a list of domains from auto adding them to the groups by specifying them in the assignment method.

3. Auto Assign by Member Profile Field: Members can also be assigned on the basis of Member profile questions (single choice type only)

4. Auto Assign all New Members: Enabling this swtich, all new members who Register or Join the community, and match the specifications set for being the part of community role will be assigned to that Group automatically.

Please Note: A banned member assigned to group will not appear in the search results of the group.

We can also assign groups while bulk uploading members in the community.

Please refer the Help Article: https://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/1001565


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