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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 07:45AM PDT

V2 Campaign setup

Community Settings>>Engagement>>Campaign>>Add New Campaign

There are more significant updates to campaigns after the upgrade to V2 with a range of new options. In the screenshot below you can see how this displays during campaign creation, with 6 separate sections guiding you through a more sophisticated and customizable set-up process; Basic Information, Campaign Brief, Moderation, Funnel, Email Invitation and Launch.

Basic Information

This will include the majority of the set-up you have been used to in your existing IdeaScale campaigns and will be the section you recognize most. It does however include a few new tricks:

1. A new Campaign Image section that makes it easy to add a unique image to each campaign. This appears within the campaign description box that we outlined and illustrated last week.
2. “Where does it appear?” buttons that open small pop-over illustrations that will let you and your administrators know what precisely is being edited.

Campaign Brief

The campaign brief section will provide two additional bits of functionality that will significantly improve administrators’ ability to run multiple complex campaigns within a single community; Campaign Brief and Terms of Service.

The Campaign Brief will provide room for a long-form campaign descriptions; allowing administrators to outline the detailed rules, reward structures and general information of campaigns without overloading the initial description.
The Campaign Terms of Service feature will allow for campaign specific terms of service, with users required to accept these terms to participate in a specific campaign without the need to impose them on all users. We look forward to seeing the nuanced innovation efforts this will allow our customers to create; it’s now feasible to have very different regulatory, price, and IP structures supported within a single community.


The new Moderation segment provides a small but important update; the ability to select campaign moderators while creating your campaign. While this is not strictly new functionality, we have found the ability to create campaign moderators at the moment of campaign creation significantly improves the administrative experience.


This is perhaps the biggest functional update for our Enterprise customers; the ability to chose from multiple Funnels when creating your campaign (Funnels is the name we have given for each unique group of stages). Next weeks section of these release notes will go into great detail about how to generate and use funnels, but for now it is exciting to note that our Enterprise customers will have much more flexibility around which stages are used in each campaign.

Invitation Email

We’ve also added the ability to create an invitation email directly within campaign set-up. The penultimate section of the new campaign creation will allow you to turn on an automated email invitation, edit the text, view a preview, select recipients and schedule a launch date. This uses the same basic functionality we have always provided with our broadcast emails, but packages it in an easy-to-use wizard that is there right when you need it.


Finally, we have added additional options for the launching and scheduling of your campaign, most importantly the ability to save campaigns as drafts while you work on them. This will ensure that no launch occurs before you’re ready, and allows for easier collaboration between teams by taking away the pressure to set everything up in one go.

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