When you set up your community, you’ll have the option to upload images. This is a great way to customize and personalize your community! Below is a list of the images and the optimal sizes for them.

Hero/Slider Image: Recommended Size (pixels) is 850 x 165

Community Banner: Recommended Size (pixels) is 1140x150

Campaign Banner: Recommended Size (pixels) is 1140 x 150, and should contrast well against the white text.

Community Logo: Recommended Size (pixels) is 96 x 96

Campaign Featured Image: Recommended size 690 x 518 pixels

Campaign Logo: The recommended size would be 300 X 300 pixels

Email Banner: Recommended Size 650 (pixels) wide and there is no restriction of height in email banner but the recommended size is 150 (pixels)

Please Note: We do not allow SVG images

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