Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Pairwise Comparison

Stage Settings:

Stage Function: Select Pairwise Comparison stage from drop-down. Once selected and saved, this section will be grayed out and cannot be changed to another stage.
Stage Name: Create a custom name/label for selected stage. Note: Character limit is 40.

Description: Describe stage functionality or how you would like to use this stage. This description will be mouseover text on stages stack on right navigation of community homepage.
Stage Change Notification: Enabling this triggers an email notification on the stage change of the ideas.
Enable Stage: This indicates that stage is active and ready for use. When enabled, stage will be reflected on right navigation of community homepage.
Stage Automation Settings: Pairwise : Enabling the stage automation in pairwise stage automatically creates the top percentage of ideas to move to the selected stage and the bottom percentage to the designated stage by you.
Please Note: Stage automation will not move ideas to Recycle-bin, off-topic, pending approval/review, inbound stages.
Permitted to participate: Only the selected members or group can participate in this stage.
Permitted to view: All community members or group of selected members can view this stage.
Custom Welcome Message: Enabling this allows you to enter a welcome message as the ideas come into this stage for review.
Custom Message for a Completed Pairwise: Switching this ON helps you to put in a customized message for a pairwise completed.
Instructional Email for your Reviewers: Enabling this setting will send an instruction email to all the assigned reviewers informing them how to complete the pairwise comparisons or just follow the link Goto my Pairwise Comparison Now.

Display Rich Formatting: This allows you to decide if you want the idea description to be displayed in one single paragraph with a more a link or in different paragraphs.
Show thumbnail Image: This allows you to show the attachment image of the idea in the form of thumbnail alone with the Idea during the comparison

Show Continue Prompt: Enabling this switch will show a message to the reviewers if they would like to continue comparing the ideas.

Prompt Interval (In Minutes): When the "Show continued prompt" is enabled it will show the reviewers a message to continue for the interval time in minutes which cannot be less than 5 mins and not more than 60 mins.

Randomize Comparison Order: This allows the ideas to be showed in random order.

Idea Selection: Idea selection for the comparison can be set up to manual or automatic.

Manual Pairwise Creation: This involves manually selecting the ideas for comparison.
Automatic Pairwise Creation: Automatic Pairwise creation reduces the hassle of creating the comparison manually instead helps us set a batch size of ideas generated automatically for the comparison and until it reaches the targeted number of ideas.
You have an option to choose from three types of pairwise comparison when set to automatic.
 1. Standard - Head-to-head comparisons
 Standard Pairwise is a series of head-to-head comparisons: "If you had to implement one of the two following ideas which would it be?"
 2. Tournament - Winners
 For tournament pairwise, you must have 2^n numbers of ideas (Example: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on). The selected ideas are put in a bracket tournament for each reviewer. The idea they choose moves along until there is no "winner".
 3. Repechage - Give ideas who lost a second chance
 Repechage works in tandem with tournament, and turning on repechage allows any idea that loses to either of the two eventual finalists to be put in a consolation round, where they can earn more points for wins.

Here is a short video of how to set up Pairwise stage:

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