1. I don’t have quite what I want from these reports, are there any other options?
IdeaScale supports integration with both web analytics and BI solutions. If you want to find out more about what you can accomplish using these tools, see this https://ideascale.com/ideascales-new-reporting/, or reach out to your Innovation Advisor.
 2. How do I set up groups, custom fields, and custom profile responses to help segment my data?
A lot of the reports in this dashboard can be filtered by groups, custom fields, and custom profile questions. Each of these attributes must be set up within your community.
To find out more about groups, please check out:
Help article on Custom fields and Custom profile fields: https://support.ideascale.com/overview-articles/custom-fields

 Help article on Groups: https://support.ideascale.com/setup/groups
 3. How do I set-up the tracking of selected and implemented ideas?
The tracking of selected and implemented ideas is achieved by designating certain stages accordingly during Funnel setup on the Funnel Management Screen. Simply mark the stage as “selected” if it contains ideas selected for implementation or mark the stage as “completed” if it contains ideas for which implementation is complete.

 4. I don’t have access to the outcomes page, what will I get if I upgrade?
Outcomes reporting is not available at all Subscription levels. Check out the “Tracking the selection and implementation of ideas” video above for a quick look at what is included. If you’re interested in upgrading reach out to one of our IdeaScale representatives.

5. Is it mobile responsive?
Yes! As always, we have worked hard to ensure that key pages are mobile responsive and that they can be accessed from any device. Here’s an example of the Outcomes reporting on mobile:

6. What gets included in member count?
Signed-up, but never verified their email: will be included
Signed-up, and did verify their email: will be included
Added through SSO and never logged-in: will be included
Added through SSO and has logged-in: will be included
Member who signed-up but is awaiting moderator approval: will be included
Member added use “Add Member function, but never signs up: will not be included
Member who has been banned or purged: will not be included
 7. What gets included in idea count?
Ideas in “Active” Stages and Archive Stages, including from Archived Campaigns.
 It does not include:
 - The child idea(s) when ideas are merged
 - Ideas in the recycle bin
 - Ideas in pending approval
 - Ideas in off-topic
 - Any ideas that have been permanently delete

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