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The Action of the Day feature guides users through some of our core functionality and ensures that they are prompted to complete the actives that new users should!
This feature can only enabled by the administrator of the community. Once enabled all community members will see this feature.
NOTE: This feature will not be visible 30 days after the first login by the user.

This feature is shown at right hand side in a white box below the Search Ideas space.
Action of the day are in a series of 3 tasks which will update at the day end once a task has been completed. Each task contains set number of points which will be earned by the member once the task has been completed. 

As members complete the tasks from list the tasks will turn green and will be crossed through. There will also be a message displayed of the points earned. If any task is left incomplete the same will appear the next day or during the next login of the member along with the new task. The total points per user can be seen on the Leaderboard along with Activity Points.
Below are the various tasks and what they are worth in points.
New member feature tour - 5 points
Submit a new idea - 20 points
Vote on an idea - 7 points
Comment on an idea - 15 points
Share an idea - 15 points
Follow an Idea - 15 points
Join a discussion - 15 points
Contact the Author - 15 points
Join a Team - 20 points
Invite Friends - 15 points
Complete a Review - 20 points
Help Refine an Idea - 20 points
Estimate Idea ROI - 20 points
Fund an Idea - 20 points
Follow a campaign - 20 points

The tasks visible on the Action of the Day entirely depends upon on how the settings have been enabled in the community by the administrator.
For example: If Invite Friends has been enabled on the community only then this will show up on the Action of the Day task list.

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