Community Settings>>Member Management>> Custom Admin
Custom Admin is a setting in which we could add members as administrator or members having Custom Admin Roles, when enabled they have access to specific features of the community. The administrator of the community can select from the various features that the custom admin can have access to by enabling the switch only for those specific features.

Custom Admin Settings: This allows to you name the Custom Admin as you desire with a unique title.

Custom Admin Access: This setting allows you to customize access to features that would allow the now assigned admins to control.

Custom Admin Assignment: This setting allows you to assign members as custom admin by means of searching their email address.

An Assigned admin will have the following features in the dropdown menu as in the screenshot apart from the Standard user.

Please Note:  With all the privileges assigned to Custom Admin these assigned admins would still not be able to assign or edit the Campaign owner or campaign moderator. However they can submit ideas on behalf of members.

An Administrator, Campaign Administrator or Campaign Group Administrator cannot be assigned as Custom Administrator

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