Path: Community Settings >> Integrations >> Idea Feeds

Idea Feeds section is a part of Advanced settings.

Toggle the switch to Advanced from any part of the community settings to access the Idea Feeds.

This allow administrators of the community to create ongoing links to external communities and platforms to provide a regular import of ideas in the external community into our IdeaScale community.

Feed Name: You could create a Feed name as per your desire.
Imported Idea Label: This label or the name will show up on the ideas imported.
Source Type: This is a dropdown where you could select either IdeaScale or Lithium (a third party) for the imports to be done.
Feed Settings: IdeaScale Community

Rest Url: This would be the URL from the community where the Idea Feed is set up
 For example:
Api Token: The authentication token provided for the communities rest call
IdeaScale Campaign: The campaign in which you would like the feeds to be imported.
Import Method: You could have an automatic or a manual import of ideas as per your convenience.
Scheduled Import of New Ideas: In case of Automatic Import you could set it to Weekly, By-weekly or Monthly and if it is set to Manual it can be for any one day from the week.
Day:  The selected day for the Automatic Import as per the scheduled import of new ideas.
Assigned Author: We could assign a member as the author of all the ideas which would be imported through Idea Feeds.
Keep Off Assigned Author Member From Leaderboard: Enabling this setting helps you to keep off the assigned member as the author from the leaderboard as it would not be accurate for the member due to the points accumulated on account of the imported ideas.
Here is a gist of how the Idea Feed look like after it is set up.

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