Path: Community Settings >> Data Management >> Import Data >> Import Ideas
This feature allows Administrators to bulk upload an Excel spreadsheet that includes with ideas and attachments.

  1. Skip First Line (Header): Switch this option "ON" when the first line in the excel file contains headings to the data to be uploaded. When ON, the first line in the excel file is ignored and the data from second line onwards is uploaded.
  2. Upload Attachments: Enabling this switch will open a new option 'Attachments file to be uploaded' for uploading idea attachments.-
  3. Select Campaign: Choose the campaigns and assign your ideas to a specific campaign. Since ideas are upload campaign wise, please place ideas for each campaign in a unique spreadsheet. Then select the appropriate campaign from the dropdown list in the Idea Upload tool. The above screenshot shows that ideas are being uploaded to the campaign by the name "New Product Ideas"
  4. File to upload: Choose the excel file to be uploaded, The above screenshot shows that "New Product Ideas upload " is the excel file to be uploaded.
  5. Generate Template: This option is always recommended as it gives us a format of how the sheet needs to be filled in for the upload

Instructions for the Excel File

 The file should be in the following format:

  1. First Column is the Idea Title for the Idea. 
  2. Second Column is the Idea Description.
  3. Third Column is for Tags (comma separated). This column can be left blank if tags are not being uploaded . If tags are predefined in the community , ensure that they are copied exactly as they are defined in the community .
  4. Fourth Column should consist of the Idea Submitter Email address. If you are planning to upload ideas on behalf of users, then you will have to populate the "Idea Submitter Email" column. If not, then this column should contain the Community Owners / Admins email address. This column cannot be left blank. The sheet won't upload if this column is left blank.                                                  NOTE :-   System will prevent idea upload on behalf of banned / unverified users.
  5. Fifth Column consists of Idea Submission date - This column can be left blank if you do not want to upload the pre-dated ideas. When left blank, the ideas will be shown as submitted on the date on which you upload them.                            NOTE: The date field has to be in MM-DD-YYYY format. While populating dates the excel automatically converts the field to date type. Please set this column to "text type" field.
  6. Sixth column is Stage ID - The template file has second sheet which has the Stage IDs mentioned. Enter the ID of the stage to which the ideas have to be uploaded. You can upload ideas to various stages in one go.                                             NOTE: When Stage ID is left blank, the ideas will be uploaded the first stage of the funnel.
  7. Seventh column is Idea Number - You can enter any idea number (preferably in series) which doesn't exist in the community yet i.e which is not assigned to any ideas in the community.
  8. Eighth column is Anonymous Idea - For ideas where idea submitters want to hide their identity i.e. submit anonymously, you can type in 'true' in this column. For non-anonymous/public ideas, the text should be 'false'. The text is not case sensitive                                                                                                                   NOTE: Do not keep this column blank.
  9.  Ninth Column is Idea ID - This column is mandatory for attachments and moderator tags to be uploaded at the time of Idea Upload. This column can be left blank if attachments / moderator tags are not going to be uploaded.
  10. Tenth column onwards are the Idea custom fields .You will be able to find the custom field names in the third sheet of the template.
    Please Note: It is mandatory to populate the custom fields which are marked as "Required" in the community 

Instructions to import ideas along with the attachments -

You can also upload votes via .xls format. Please check the below link for uploading votes with the help of excel file:

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