Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior >> Idea Submission Settings

This section allows administrator to enable/disable various idea submission form related options.

Idea Title Length Limit (number of characters, must be between 20 and 128): Defines the number of characters allowed in the idea title. The default is 64 characters.
Idea Body Length Limit (number of characters, 0=unlimited): Allows to define an upper limit to the number of characters that an idea description box can contain.
Idea is Editable by Idea Submitter: When ON, the Idea Submitter and co-submitters are allowed to Edit the idea even after Idea has been submitted. Note: Idea submitter can edit the ideas only if they are in Ideate stage.
Make Tags Mandatory During Idea Submission: When ON, it's compulsory to tag the ideas.
Make File Attachment Mandatory During Idea Submission: When ON, the user has to compulsorily attach the file supporting the idea.

Allow a single Idea to have multiple submitters: Enabling this will allow the ideas to be assigned with multiple submitters/contributors.
Administrators May Submit Idea on Behalf of Another Member: Enabling this would give access to all the administrators of the community to submit Idea on behalf of a member of the community thus allowing the flow of ideas into the community.


How to retrieve draft idea:

The below video shows where you can retrieve your the draft idea.

You can also find all the drafts in which a specific campaign is selected under My Ideas>> My Drafts tab.

Further user can change the display of the ideas into List View and also Grid View by clicking on the icons to right side of My Ideas tab.

Drafts saved in List view

Drafts saved in Grid view

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