Authentication Failure can be frustrating and we want to do everything we can to help! Below are the most common reasons you might be locked out of your community and what you can do to get back in.

Please keep in mind that for some of the below, only the Admin of the community will be able to resolve and give you access. In these cases, IdeaScale will not be able to assist. 

  1. Invalid Email Address / Password Combination

  2. Account Locked Temporarily

  3. Account Inactivity

  4. Member Banned from Community

  5. Email Domain Blacklisted

  6. Unregistered User 

Invalid Email Address / Password Combination

A user keying in an incorrect email address or an incorrect password will be prompted with the error message shown below.

When seeing this message please select “Click here to reset” so that you can update your password. You will receive an email with instructions on how to do this. If you do not receive an email please check your spam folder. 

Account Locked Temporarily

You will receive this message and the below email if you have surpassed the maximum failed login attempts. Your account will be locked for a set amount of time that is determined by the Admin of your community (there is no way to override this). Clicking on the link will verify your account and you can login again with the correct email and password. 

Please Note: Locked Members are temporarily disabled and cannot enter the community or perform any actions while locked."

Account Inactivity 

If the account is inactive for a set amount of time (set by the admin) you will not be able to access your account. In this case please reach out to your Community Admin for assistance. 

Member Banned from Community

Usually, a member banned from the community will not be able to log in or perform any activities within the community. If you are banned you will see the below message.  IdeaScale does not control community banning so please contact your community Admin for questions/concerns. 

The below screenshot shows a logged-in member with the banned message. 

Email Domain Blacklisted

A community that has a list of blacklisted domains (set by the Admin) and anyone trying to register themselves with said domains will see the below error message.

IdeaScale does not control community blacklisting so please contact your community Admin for questions/concerns. 

Unregistered User trying to reset password

If you receive the below email please click the 'Please register to continue' link to create an IdeaScale account. 

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