When email settings are being setup or in the event emails aren't behaving as expected, an Email Debug Logging feature may be enabled to get further insight into the internals of the email transaction.

Debugging may be enabled under Community Settings -> Emails and Notifications -> General Email Settings, via switch:

Upon enabling the Email Transport Debugging, all email activity generated by the system will be affected. So any activity, that will generate an email, will generate a log entry. The contents of the log entries may be found listed under Community Settings -> Emails and Notifications -> Email Transport Log.

The log entry attributes are:

  • Type - LOCAL, SMPT - Whether an email is of local variant or smtp is being used
  • Response Code - SENT, ERROR - Whether an email was sent (but possibly not delivered) properly or an error encountered
  • Timestamp - date and time of the email sent
  • Message - The Debug Log entries of the underlying library that performs the actual sending of the email. Providing us a privy as to the internal workings and protocols of the email transaction and it's result. Available for view in an expandable modal panel
  • Exception - A system generated error will be available to view in an expandable modal panel
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