Community Settings >> Reports >> Data Export Log

The Data Export Log lists all reports that has been exported over a period of time. It also shows the progress of the ongoing export requested with how number of steps to be completed.
You can always go back and look for any report that has been exported previously for your reference.

Job ID: Server process number for the executed query
Date/Time: Refers to the time when the report was requested (PST time)
Report: The report title
Data Segment: If date filter is on it will show the range otherwise will show ‘Entire Data Set’
Current Status-There are three options:
• Queued for processing: The report is in queue
• Currently processing: Server is currently processing with the report
• Completed Successfully: Report is generated

Progress: Number of steps completed to process the report
Delete: Delete the report log
Time: Time taken to generate the report
Size: Report file size
Output file naming format: Report Title - Community ID – Year – Month – Date – Hour    – Minute – Second etc.

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