HAR is the short form for HTTP Archive format, which tracks all the logging of web browser's interaction with a site.

HAR files can be a requirement for troubleshooting issues specifically for problems listed below:

  • Performance Issue: slow page load, timeout when performing certain task
  • Page rendering : incorrect page format, missing information

Steps to generate a HAR File:

  1. Be on the page that is giving the error and right click get Inspect and set up as follows.

2. In Inspect panel, select the Network tab and select the check box Preserve log option.

3. Now try to recreate the error you were experiencing on the browser and stop once you have see the same error on the screen.

4. Right click on the Inspect section and select the Save as HAR with content.

Please refer to the following link for more details: https://confluence.atlassian.com/kb/generating-har-files-and-analyzing-web-requests-720420612.html

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