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The Incoming Moderation is a simplified way of looking into all the ideas assigned to a moderator. Linking, sorting, and managing of ideas from the new moderation dashboard has become much easier with a more organized manner!
Users with a Moderator role can access the Moderation Dashboard by hovering on their Profile Icon dropdown and clicking on 'Incoming Moderation' shown in the screenshot below.

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1) Incoming Moderation

       a) Three main parts of the page
       c) Linking & Merging idea functionality
       b) Mark all as Seen

Incoming Moderation:

Overview: The first section in moderation will be under an 'Incoming Tab'. The thesis behind this Incoming section is that moderators can come here to see which new ideas and comments have been added to their community and can then respond to each idea submitter or commenter so that community members feel they are being heard and that their input is valuable.

Three main parts of the page

The left hand side of the screen will contain a vertical column of all incoming content (a tab for ideas, and a tab for comments).

The central area will include a section like a chat box for responding to and managing ideas and comments as they first arrive in the community.

Learn more about how to Save reply in Incoming Moderation

The right hand side will contain a column for additional information, including the idea author information and similar ideas. The Moderator will now have the ability to link and merge ideas in a more streamlined manner by expanding or minimizing the right hand column.

Linking & Merging idea functionality

Linking Ideas
Linking Ideas is a new function we are providing that allows moderators to say ideas are similar to other ideas without having to do a full merge.

The link/unlink idea option appears to moderators in two places:

  1. The incoming idea moderation panel on right hand side, shows link option under Similar Ideas. 

Once a moderator links an idea, that particular idea can be easily unlinked by clicking on the cross sign next to the idea title. The moderator can link the same idea to different ideas as well. Also on the Central area of the Moderation Dashboard screen, 'Linked Ideas': section shows up with the idea title of the respective linked idea. 

2. The similar ideas view in the idea detail page (Front End) also shows linked ideas that are reciprocal in nature and are linked to each other.

Moderators can link/unlink ideas from here as well. Similar to central area of the Moderation Dashboard screen, 'Linked Ideas': section shows up with the idea title of the respective linked idea on Idea details page.  

Please Note:

  1. To unlink an idea simply click on the X sign appearing next to the title of the ideas. There will be no Unlink button available.
  2. Only admin or moderators can unlink ideas however, a member can unlink his own links.
  3. Members can access private ideas with the help of the title and link them but they would not be able to see the idea details of the private idea.

Merging Ideas
In order to merge ideas click on the merge cart link appearing on the top right of the page and the ideas appearing down the centre.

Once you have the list of ideas you can choose the ideas and add them to the merge cart. In the below screenshot there is two ideas added to the merge cart. The first idea added will be the Parent Idea and other ideas in the cart will show a link named Make Parent. You can change your parent idea once the ideas are in the cart or remove the ideas as well by using the remove link.

After the merge is completed you will see the body or the description of the idea as a comment in the parent idea's comment section with the comment labelled as 'Merged'.

In the same manner on the homepage it will displayed like the screenshot below.

Please Note: The moderator can link an idea before it is approved, but they will not be given the option to merge the idea before it is approved.

Mark all as Seen and Seen Idea

Moderation Dashboard has feature to mark ideas in bulk as "Mark all as seen" and visible the seen ideas in the "Seen Ideas" section.

You can see the "Mark all as seen" button on left and "Seen Ideas" button on right at bottom of the page.

In order to make all ideas as seen, click on the "Mark all as seen" and a message would be pop-up for the confirmation. Once you have selected ‘Yes’ all ideas will be now be marked as seen.

You can also view the seen ideas by clicking on the “Seen Ideas” button. All the seen ideas will be displayed here. 

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