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Moderation Dashboard is a simplified way of looking into all the ideas assigned to a moderator. Linking, sorting and managing of ideas from the new moderation dashboard has become much easier with more organized manner.
Users with moderator role can access New Moderation Dashboard by hovering on their Profile Icon dropdown and click on 'Moderation' shown in the screenshot below.

Incoming :

Overview: The first section in moderation will be under an 'Incoming Tab'. The thesis behind this Incoming section is that moderators, can come here to easily see which new ideas and comments have been added to their community and can then respond to each idea submitter or commenter so that community members feel they are being heard and that their input is valuable.

There are three main parts of the page:

The left hand side of the screen will contain a vertical column of all incoming content (a tab for ideas, and a tab for comments).

The central area will include a section like a chat box for responding to and managing ideas and comments as they first arrive in the community

The right hand side will contain a column for additional information, including the idea author information and similar ideas. The Moderator will now have the ability to link and merge ideas in a more streamlined manner by expanding or minimizing the right hand column.

Linking & Merging idea functionality:

Linking Ideas-
Linking Ideas is a new function we are providing that allows moderators to say ideas are similar to other ideas without having to do a full merge.

The link/unlink idea option appears to moderators in two places:

  1. The incoming idea moderation panel on right hand side, shows link/unlink option under Similar Ideas. 

Once a moderator links an idea, that particular idea on right hand side shows 'unlink' option, indicates the idea is successfully linked. Also on the Central area of the Moderation Dashboard screen, 'Linked Ideas': section shows up with the idea title of the respective linked idea.  

2. The similar ideas view in the idea detail page (Front End) also shows linked ideas which are reciprocal in nature and are linked to each other.

Moderators can link/unlink ideas from here as well. Similar to central area of the Moderation Dashboard screen, 'Linked Ideas': section shows up with the idea title of the respective linked idea on Idea details page.  

Please Note: The Link/ Unlink option will appear in the activity tab if Hide similar Ideas Preview setting is not enabled in the Customization>> Miscellaneous section.

Merging Ideas-
In order to merge ideas click on the merge cart link appearing on the top right of the page and the ideas appearing down the centre.

Once you have the list of ideas you can choose the ideas and add them to the merge cart. In the below screenshot there is two ideas added to the merge cart. The first idea added will be the Parent Idea and other ideas in the cart will show a link named Make Parent. You can change your parent idea once the ideas are in the cart or remove the ideas as well by using the remove link.

After the merge is completed you will see the body or the description of the idea as a comment in the parent idea's comment section with the comment labelled as 'Merged'.

In the same manner on the homepage it will displayed like the screenshot below.

Please Note: The moderator can link an idea before it is approved, but they will not be given the option to merge the idea before it is approved.

Mark all as seen and Seen Idea
Moderation Dashboard has feature to mark ideas in bulk as "Mark all as seen" and visible the seen ideas in the "Seen Ideas" section.

You can see the "Mark all as seen" button on left and "Seen Ideas" button on right at bottom of the page.

In order to make all ideas as seen, click on the "Mark all as seen" and a message would be pop-up for the confirmation. Once you have selected ‘Yes’ all ideas will be now be marked as seen.

You can also view the seen ideas by clicking on the “Seen Ideas” button. All the seen ideas will be displayed here. 

Idea Portfolio:

 The second main tab on the moderation dashboard is the Idea Portfolio. This helps each moderator to keep a tab of all the ideas assigned to them. The moderators could also use the features like Link, Merge or Tags from this tab on selected ideas.

Search Bar
The search bar allows you to search for ideas with saved filters for easy and quick search. You can easily use the saved commands to search for ideas. 

The ideas, campaigns and group that moderators can see will be dependent on the type of moderator they are;

  •  Global moderators will be able to see all ideas and search by all campaigns
  •  Campaign moderators will only be able to see ideas from campaigns they moderate and search by the campaigns they moderate
  •  Group moderators will only be able to see ideas submitted by groups they moderate and search by groups that they moderate.
  1. When a moderator first clicks into the search box a list of the available search commands will appear. 
  2.  Using the enter key will cause the highlighted option to be selected, once selected the moderator can navigate using the down & up keys. The currently selected option will be indicated in blue. 
  3. Hitting Enter will confirm the selection

The Idea List -
The Idea List is simply a table containing all the ideas in the community, filtered and sorted by the search terms entered in the search bar and the permissions of the moderator. The idea list displays list of 10 ideas in each page with the details like idea title, date submitted, campaign, stage, time in location, time since last action, smart score.

  • Title = the idea title
  •  Date Submitted = the date the idea was submitted
  •  Campaign = the campaign the idea is in
  •  Stage (Function) = the name of the stage the idea in + (the stage's type in brackets) 
  •  Time in location = the length of time since the idea lasted changed campaign or stage
  •  Time since last action = the time since any action was last taken on the idea
  •  Stage completion = the % of stage tasks completed for that idea, for the stage it is currently in. 

Ideate = Ideate will not have a completion %, it will just read N/A. When sorting N/A should be considered lower than 0%
Build Team = % of team positions filled
Refine = % of refinement questions answered
Estimate = % of eligible users (user with permission to participate in the stage & campaign the idea is in) that have completed an estimate
Pairwise comparison = % of eligible users (user with permission to participate in the stage & campaign the idea is in) that have completed all existing comparisons the idea is in.
Review = % of eligible users (user with permission to participate in the stage & campaign the idea is in) that have completed their review on the idea
Fund = % of fund target completed
Archive = N/A

  •  Stage Score: is the score of the idea in the stage it is currently in:– 

Ideate: x votes
Build Team: x team members
Refine: x completed refinement questions
Estimate: x estimated ROI
Pairwise Comparison: X% comparisons won
Review (Review): x review score
Review (Assessment): x stars
Fund: x funded
Archive: N/A

  •  Smart Score: this is a cumulative stat from all the stages.

Action Tab

  • When no ideas are selected it will contain edit warning colors.
  •  When a single idea is selected, this button will open a list that shows all action options available on that idea which are as following
  • Print Ideas
  • Delete Selected
  • Disable Commenting on Selected
  • Move Selected
  •  Tag Selected
  • Link Selected
  • Merge Selected
  • Export (Excel or CSV)
  • Download (Idea exportable files)

Please Note: When multiple ideas are selected this button will show the following options:– Move Selected - When “Move Selected” function is used the user should be able to move ideas within the same campaign. see: 

Edit warning colors

This function will allow a community to set the number of days that an idea can be inactive before it is given a warning color in the management page. As you hover over the ideas it will reflect the number of days the idea has been there. Warning colors helps to get the moderator attention on ideas that has no activity done since those many days.

Link Tab: The moderator can easily link selected ideas by this tab. Once all the ideas are selected to be link, click the link button and Link ideas to confirm.

Merge Tab: Merging the ideas is made easier for the moderator with the Merge button. Select the ideas to be merged and you can easily merge these ideas by just a click.

Tag Tab: This tab displays two types of tags one being the regular tags and the other moderator tags. Once the ideas are selected that required tagging, you would need to select from the dropdown which type of tag you would like to add and then all the tags will reflect for you to select from.

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