The Idea Search tool has been enhanced for easy and quick search of ideas depending upon various filters. These filters on the righthand side of the homepage will be displayed as per the custom fields and Member Profile questions set up in the community. In addition to searching the ideas based on the Idea author's name, date, groups, campaign, tags or stages.

First section allows you to search ideas based on the campaigns, stages, tags or moderator tags (if set up in the community) 

Second section includes Filter by Custom Field: These fields are based on the Idea Custom Field set up in the community. You would be able to search for ideas that has single choice set up as an answer.

Third section is based on Filter by Idea Author:  This allows you to search the ideas based on name, username or email address of the Idea Author. You can also refine your search by groups created.

Fourth section being Member Profile Field: These fields are based on the Member profile question created in the community. In these fields all single choice, multiple choice, single line text box and the YES/NO answers can be searched. 

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