Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior >> General >> Default View is Grid View

This feature allows your users to display a grid view of ideas. Members can toggle between List and Grid views (see toggle top right). Additionally Administrators can make either List or Grid the default view for their communities (though a member’s individual preference will trump).  Grid view works in any Campaign, Stage or Filtered (Recent, Popular, Hot, etc.) sort.

Here is what few of the icons stand for in grid view. Hovering the mouse over the icons shows its name.

  1. The first icon with a message box is for Comments.
  2. Star icon to follow the ideas and the number next to it reflects the number of members following the ideas. When you are following an idea the star will be blue and to unfollow simply click on the star icon and it will turn grey symbolising that you have unsubscribed/ unfollowing that idea.
  3. The hammer icon stands for Idea moderation which will be displayed to moderators only.
  4. The three doted lines represents for further actions as follows:

The actions displayed in these doted lines will depend upon the settings enabled by the administrator of the community.

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