IdeaScale has an integration with the popular collaborative workspace, Slack. We think there’s a ton of golden ideas being discussed right now in your channels - now you can simply select text of an idea Slack and add an idea to your community. Members can now submit ideas directly through their Slack workspace. Moderators can approve or deny new member and idea requests. Members can view the latest and hottest ideas and subscribe to daily idea updates. 

Path: Community Settings >> Integration >> App Directory >> Slack App

The Slack App will be automatically installed when the user set up their community via slack.

You will need to setup Slack by registering and following the below instructions.

  1. Click on Install button to Install Slack App to your community and generate the Client Id and Secret.

2. In order to remove the App you can click on gear icon in Manage App and click on "Remove" option.

Please Note: 

  1. Only after the administrator has installed Slack App in the community. The members can login via slack and take part in the community.

  2. To Remove App: In-order to successfully uninstall, first delete the setup on Slack App by using command "/ideascale setup delete CommunityAlias" and then administrator should remove it from IdeaScale community "App Directory".

You can refer to the link to setup IdeaScale Slack App in your community:

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