Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Look & Feel >> Community Colors

Everyone wish to have atleast some control over the color schemes in our community in order to match our logos and community banners. This setting precisely helps community administrators to achieve this to an extent with a highlight and two accent colors. Community colors fall under Basic settings.

You will need to add hex color codes in the text fields to make this work. Below are the screenshots showing how and where these input hex colours appears on the community homepage.

Highlight color: This color is used to call out specific action items in the community and should also contrast well with white.

Accent color 1: This one should be more muted than the highlight and contrast well with white. This color affects the Homepage Slider background color in the community as well.

Accent color 2: For this one we recommend a slightly lighter version of the first accent color or any other light colour that contrasts well with white.

Not sure how to find the perfect color for your community? Check out this website to find HTML color codes: 

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