On October 4, 2019, IdeaScale will no longer support the TLS 1.0 encryption protocol. This protocol was meant to protect data when accessing websites; however, TLS 1.0 is no longer considered to be a sufficient encryption protocol by current Internet security standards and a newer protocol version is available and supported by modern browsers and single sign-on solutions.  Please note that IdeaScale ended support of TLS 1.1 in 2018.  That said, the current protocol to switch to will be TLS 1.2.

IdeaScale takes the protection of our customers' data very seriously. To maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of your organization's data, we occasionally need to make security improvements and retire older encryption protocols. For your organization's protection, in alignment with the industry standards and compliance requirements, IdeaScale will disable the use of TLS 1.0 for connections to and from your organization's IdeaScale account.  Once disabled, any inbound connections to or outbound connections from your organization's account that rely on TLS 1.0 will fail.

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