Path: Community Settings>>  Workflow>> Idea Submission >> Idea Custom Fields>> Merge

Idea custom field allows you to merge to custom field and have the answers of both the parent and child custom field available on the idea.

Select the custom field you would like to merge and click on Merge button.

Things to note when we merge idea custom field.

  1. Custom fields response an be merged with the same response type only. For example the response type attachment can be merged with another attachment custom field only.
  2. The exception to this rule is the Single Choice response can be merged with Multiple choice, however Multiple choice response cannot be merged with single choice. 
  3. Any custom field that is marked Global will always be the Parent custom field.
  4. The answers of the Child custom field will be visible in the Parent custom field response.
  5. Merging 'single line text' or 'Large text': The answers child custom fields will be visible in the answer of Parent custom field.
  6. Merging 'Single choice' or 'multiple choice' options of child custom field will be visible in the answer of Parent custom field.
  7. You can merge only one custom field with another at a time, that is one being primary and the other as secondary.
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