Be it idea data migration from another platform into IdeaScale, offline collection to IdeaScale or user idea submission troubleshooting; administrator have to step in and submit ideas on behalf of their users.

Below are various ways which helps administrators to submit ideas under the name of their users.

1.Individual idea submission using idea submission form

When there is a need to submit just a single or few ideas on users behalf, administrators can do it from the idea submission form using 'Submit idea on behalf of' option.

This settings can be enabled on community level from Community Settings >> Workflow >> Idea Submission
Help article on how to enable it on community level:

Administrator may choose to enable or disable it on each campaign separately from the campaign settings.
Help article on how to enable this setting on campaign level:

Note: To see the setting on campaign level it is important to have it enabled on community level.

2. Multiple/bulk Idea submission using idea upload tool

It is tedious to submit idea on behalf of users using the idea submission form when there are multiple ideas to be submitted. Bulk import tool can be very helpful in such case.
Administrator can upload ideas alone or along with attachments.

Help article on uploading ideas:

Help article on uploading ideas & attachments:

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