This document is intended to guide community moderators in the use of Community (General) Tags. 

The following list of tagging features are discussed: 

  1. Use of Predefined tags

  2. Modifying and Merging Tags

  3. Bulk Application of Tags

  4. Tag Suggestions

  5. Discovering and Following Tags

This document does not discuss Moderator tags.  Moderator tags are primarily used for private communication about ideas between Moderators and Reviewers.  Because they are private, the are not suitable for crowdsourced tagging like Community Tags are. 

Use of Predefined tags

Predefined tags allow you to seed your community with tags you’d like to see used - they show as an auto-completion as Contributors type in their tag.  This features also allows you to create standardized terms that are compliant with some business process, product, or service.  In addition to creating a predefined list of tags, you may consider tagging a few ideas with your initial tag set to prime the system. The more you tag ideas, the better the tag suggestions become. 

Modifying and Merging Tags

Maintenance of tags is an important moderator function.  With tags open for creation by all users, it is common for synonyms and misspellings to be added.  These can be cleaned up with “Merge Tags” feature in Customization -> Tag Settings. 

Bulk Application of Tags

The best way to apply a tag to a collection of ideas is with the Idea Portfolio.  First perform a search and review the result list. Use menu operation Tag and type in the tag that you want applied to all search results. 

Tag Suggestions

Tag suggestions encourage more tagging by providing relevant tags based on idea descriptions and previously tagged ideas.  When ideas are composed or edited, an idea similarity search is performed to identify previously used tags that are most relevant to the idea.  The more a tag is used in a community, the better the suggestions will be for that tag.  Moderators may wish to seed the process by tagging a few ideas and then checking if the suggestion for that tag improves during idea composition.  For example, a tag may not be suggested until it has been used on several of the most relevant ideas first. 

Discovering and Following Tags

In addition to showing tags on every idea when displayed, users can browse all tags in the Tags tab, select one to view all ideas with that tag, and follow tags to get notification when a new idea has been tagged with it. 

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