Path: Community settings >> Customization >> Look & Feel >> Site HTML Pages >> Home page slider

'Home Page Slider' shows the community's welcome message as first slide followed by the slides with all active campaigns of your IdeaScale community with a slide view. Below is the screenshot which gives a glimpse of slide view.

Here, slides of active campaigns are having 'View Campaign' buttons. If you click on the 'View Campaign' button of any active campaign, it will take you to the 'campaign details page' of that campaign from the slider. Besides, you will be able to go to the next slide or back to the previous slider by clicking on 'Arrow’ or ‘Dot’ sign until your community is having 11 active campaigns. Screenshot is given here as a reference.

When the number of active campaigns will be more than 11, 'Dot' sign won't appear in the slider. You will be able to see only 'Arrow' sign to go back and forth on the slider. Below is the screenshot which shows the difference.

'Background color' of the slider is shown in "Vivid navy" while 'View campaign' button is shown as "Vivid blue" by default. You can customise these colour by changing the color from the 'Community color' section. 

Below are the steps how to achieve this:

(i) Customization of sliders' color

a) Go to the path: Community settings>> Customisation>> Look & Feel>> Community color.
b) To change the color of 'View Campaign' button, you need to put the hex color code in the 'Highlight: (hex color)' box.
c) To change the background color, you also need to put the hex color code in the 'Accent 1: (hex color)'.
d) Click on 'Save changes'.

Screenshot is attached here which shows how to do it.

After changing those colors, output will be shown just like the below screenshot while the community contains 11 active campaigns.

(ii) Customization of the contents of 'Home page slider'

In this section, you will get an idea how to customise the contents, welcome message, and slider view of the 'Home page slider' editing the HTML codes. 

1. Home page's welcome message: To customise the home page's welcome message, you need to customise the HTML codes.

Steps to customise home page's welcome message:

a) Go to the path: Community settings>> Customization>> Look & Feel>> Site HTML Page>> Home Page Slider.
b) Click on 'Edit' of 'Home Page Slider'.

c) Go to 'Content'.
d) Edit the section of 'Welcome Content Start' as per your requirements.

e) Click on 'Save changes'.

Below is the screenshot which shows the output after changing the welcome message.

2. Active Campaign Slider: When an active campaign is having campaign banner, slider of that campaign will show the campaign banner in the back of the background. Here is the screenshot to view the output.

Besides, each campaign slider is also shown campaign title, tagline subtitle and question/statement if the campaign has those information. Here is another screenshot to view output.

Please Note: 'Home Page Slider' appears by default when you will create a new community. But, if you have a old community then you need to customise the 'Home page' for getting the sliders. In that case, we would recommend you to contact with your Innovation Architect or email us to [email protected]

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