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Header section shows the links to various pages within the community. Administrator can also add links for files/PDF or external pages in this section. Since this section needs HTML codes, it is recommended to use if you have basic knowledge of HTML in order to prevent a broken page. 

In the above screenshot we have added two new tabs ( Motive and Contact ) , apart from the default Welcome and Ideas tabs.

Add custom page link in the Header:

  • Edit 'Header' and scroll down to the sample HTML code section (Refer screenshot below)
  • Copy this code and replace it with the new Custom Page Id and the Page name as specified in the instructions provided in this section itself.
  • Copy, paste the code given as an example in the header page above the dotted line and make the changes to the page name and page id. The screenshot below shows the parameters to be changed ( underlined in red) .
  • Once the page name and id is updated, save the changes. You should be now able to see the pages in the form of tabs as displayed in the homepage header.

Add Links in the Header:

  • You can also add any external or internal pages link by using the code-

<a herf ="file url">Text to be linked</a></> (replace '' with the URL of the page to be linked and 'Text to be linked' with the actual word or text which will be clicked).

  • In the below screenshot, a link "Look & Feel Settings" is added in the header. 

Add PDF/ Excel sheet/ Image files in the Header: 

  • Any files like PDF, Excel sheet or any document can also be linked, but first you will need to upload the file in the community file library.
  •   Use the file URL by using this code-

<li><a href="file url">Text to be linked</a></li> (replace 'file url'' with the URL of the file to be linked and 'Text to be linked' with the actual word or text which will be clicked).

See help article for Community file library:

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