Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Look & Feel >> Site HTML Pages >> Custom Widget

Community administrators are allowed to edit and add custom widget. Custom widgets are visible on the right side of the community home page.

This section allows the administrator to add a custom widget:

In the below screenshot "Contact" is the custom widget added in the community.

The custom widget can also be used to add a custom page link in simple steps as follows:

1. Upload the image in the community file library, you would like to display on the widget. 

Click here to view the help article about the community file library! 

2. You would now need to edit Site HTML page >> Custom Widget and key in the HTML codes for the image you uploaded along with a hyperlinked text if you desire. You could also link this image to a page. Here I have hyperlinked it to a custom page.

For example: In the above custom widget we have used a Title along with an image which redirects you to the "How To" custom page.

Below are the explanation about the attributes used in the Site HTML Page-

1. "a/pages/how-to" - This is the attribute to the custom page you would like to direct from the custom widget.

2. Tips and Tricks - This is the Title or label used in the custom widget.

3. <img src="/community-library/accounts/92/928941/ti_725_1413438402543f5bc206ac2.jpg"  - This is the image attribute you will find in the community file library after you have uploaded the image.

4. width="140" height="140" - You could also adjust the size of the image in case it is too big for the widget or you could upload an image which would be small.

In the below screenshot custom page is linked with the custom widget in the community. 

Please Note: Custom widget will not be visible on mobile version or on the smaller screen.

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