This document is intended to guide Admins, Moderators, and Members of the community on how to participate anonymously.

There are 2 types of anonymity in the communities:

  1. Hiding Identity

  2. Submitting Anonymously

If a member submits anonymously, then there's no way to unveil his/her identity. But if a member simply hides his/her identity then an administrator can see the identity by exporting member data/idea data disabling the Hide My Identity from Customize Site Behavior.

IdeaScale allows users to hide their avatar picture, first name, and last name from other users (email address by default is always hidden).
This is a feature that the admin has control over and when enabled affects the entire community. Help Article: Hiding Your Identity/Anonymous Posts

Here is a list of actions that can be done anonymously:
Note: The settings need to be turned ON in the community.

1. Submit Ideas: Members can submit ideas anonymously.

2. Submit Comments: Members can submit comments in an idea anonymously. 

3. Leaderboard: If members hide their identity, their name will not be seen in the Leaderboard. 

4. Campaign Sponsor: The owner name of the campaign will be hidden  if the campaign owner hides the identity. 

5. Moderate an Idea: Moderators can evaluate the Ideas anonymously. 

6. Submit Vote: Members can submit votes anonymously in the ideas.

7. Refine Idea:  Members can answer and edit the answer to refinement questions anonymously.

8. Join a team: Members can join an Idea team anonymously.

9. Fund an Idea: Members can contribute some fund anonymously in an Idea.

 10. Assess idea:  Members can assess anonymously in an Idea.

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