Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Edit (Funnel)

Community administrators can delete a stage from the funnel management area if it does not contain any ideas. 

If the stage contains even one idea, then the delete option will not be visible to the administrators. In order to delete a particular stage all ideas in that stage need to be moved to another stage.

Deleting a funnel

Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Delete

Community administrators can delete an entire funnel permanently. 

The Community administrator cannot delete a funnel if there is any of the below condition presents:

  1. Funnel is connected with an active campaign.

  2. Idea is available at any stage of the funnel.

  3. More than one stages are available in the funnel.

Note: The default workflow funnel cannot be deleted though it can be renamed.

Deleting a funnel with associated campaigns

When an administrator wants to delete a funnel that is associated with some campaigns, then the system will not show the Delete button next to the Funnel name.

In this scenario, the administrator needs to delete the campaigns or move them to another funnel.

If the admin wants to move a campaign into another funnel, it is required to move all the ideas of the campaign to a different campaign which is in a different funnel.

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