IdeaScale provides an 'Auto-Save' function on Idea Submission window where anything the user types on Idea Title, Idea Description or response of Custom Field gets auto-saved after every 3 minutes and puts them to 'Draft' without having to manually save as draft. 

Here, Idea Submission Form is filled up with Idea Title, Idea Description and also the response of a custom field.

Now, users that stays at least 3 minutes in this Idea Submission Form so that provided Idea Title, Idea Description and response of a Custom Field will get time to save automatically without clicking on 'Save as draft'. After that, user can navigate to another page but user will not lose any information. Say for example, 'Home' icon is clicked for going to the Home page which shows in the image.

When a user will go back to the 'Idea Submission Form' after completing other tasks and also viewing community's other pages, user will see that all information are stored in the 'Draft' section where user will be able to edit the idea or view the draft idea. Screenshot is attached here as a reference.

Please Note: Contents of 'Comment' section are stored in local storage by default when user will type comment and leave that page without clicking on 'Submit' button.

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