Idea Portfolio is a Moderator tool that displays all ideas collected in the Campaign(s). It can be accessed by Moderators by clicking on their Profile Icon dropdown and selecting 'Idea Portfolio' as shown in the screenshot below.

Idea Portfolio feature grants Moderators an easy-to-use method of organising, sorting, and tagging all ideas that have been submitted. The moderators could also use features like Link, Merge or Tags from this tab on selected ideas.

Idea Portfolio section provides options to include or exclude Recycled, Off-Topic, or Reserved Ideas in Idea Portfolio searches. Moderators can find these options upon clicking the Gear Icon ⚙.

1. Search Bar

2. Saved Search Queries

3. The Idea Table
4. Action Tab
5. Stage Task Reminders

6. Edit Column Configuration
7. Edit Warning Colors

8. Idea History

9. Social Share Tracking

10. Idea Details

The search bar allows searching for ideas with saved filters for easy and quick search.

The ideas, campaigns, and groups that moderators can see will be dependent on the type of moderator they are:

  •  Global moderators will be able to see all ideas and search by all campaigns

  •  Campaign moderators will only be able to see ideas from campaigns they moderate and search by the campaigns they moderate

  •  Group moderators will only be able to see ideas submitted by groups they moderate and search by groups that they moderate.

  1. When a moderator first clicks into the search box a list of the available search commands will appear. 

  2.  Using the enter key will cause the highlighted option to be selected, once selected the moderator can navigate using the down & up keys. The selected option will be indicated in blue. 

  3. Hitting Enter will confirm the selection.

Learn how to use search commands

Saved Search Queries

Once the moderator has searched a query in the Idea Portfolio, it can be saved for easy deployment next time. Simply hit the small bookmark icon. This will allow the moderators to save their most frequently used searches. These searches are saved for individual Moderators, not globally.

To un-save the Search, simply click the blue bookmark and the search will be removed.

The Idea Table

The Idea List is simply a table containing all the ideas in the community, filtered and sorted by the search terms entered in the search bar and the permissions of the moderator. The idea list displays a list of 10 ideas per page (can be extended to 50 ideas per page) with the details like Idea title, Idea Number, Date Submitted, Campaign, Stage, Time in Location, Time Since Last Action, Smart Score, Submitters, Idea Owners, Idea Views and Net Votes.

Note: Defaults columns are Idea Title, Idea Number, Date Submitted, Campaign, Stage, Time in Location, Time Since Last Action, Smart Score & Submitters

  • Title: The idea title

  • Idea Number: The number associated with the idea

  • Date Submitted: The date the idea was submitted

  • Campaign: The campaign the idea is in

  • Stage: The name of the stage the idea in + (the stage's type in brackets) 

  • Time in location: The length of time since the idea lasted changed campaign or stage

  • Time since last action: The time since any action was last taken on the idea

  • Smart Score: This is a cumulative stat from all the stages.

  • Submitter: The member who has submitted the idea.

  • Idea Owners: The members are assigned as Idea Owners.

  • Idea Views: The number of views the idea has got.

  • Net Votes: The net votes received by the idea.

Action Tab

Single Idea Selection: The action tab will show the following options when a single idea is selected or when the admin clicks on the arrow appearing upon the idea hover.

  • Email (Email idea)

  • Contact Members (Contact idea authors/moderators/owners/idea team)

  • Change Stage (To any stage within the funnel)

  • Assign Owner(s)

  • Print Idea

  • Disable Commenting

  • Move

  • Tag Selected

  • Delete Idea

  • Edit

  • Clone

  • Label

  • Export Library

  • Analyze Text

Multiple Idea Selection: When multiple ideas are selected, this button will open a list that shows all-action options available on that idea which are as follows:

  • Follow All

  • Unfollow All

  • Assign owners

  • Unassign owners

  • Print Ideas

  • Disable Commenting 

  • Move

  • Tag Selected

  • Delete Idea

  • Link Selected

  • Merge Selected

  • Export Library

  • Analyze Text

Learn more on how to Export Idea details and about the Export library in Idea Portfolio.

Stage Task Reminders

When the moderator search for specific stages, the Stage Task Reminders option appear under the Moderate Idea icon.

Moderator can send it to any member that has not completed their Refinement, Estimate, Assessment, Reviewscale, or Fund tasks. An email will then be triggered and sent to those members that still have pending Reviews, Refinements, Assessments, etc. Please note: Reminders are sent for single specific ideas, not for ideas en masse.

Edit Column Configuration

This function can be accessed by clicking on the customize tuning buttons on the far right. it allows the moderator to reorder the columns on the Idea Portfolio table.

Simply drag and drop desired columns into the top row to configure the Idea Portfolio columns. A maximum of 9 columns and a minimum of 1 column can be set for the idea table in any desired order. The available columns are Idea title, Idea Number, Date Submitted, Campaign, Stage, Time in Location, Time Since Last Action, Smart Score, Submitters, Idea Owners, Idea Views, and Net Votes.

Moderators can restore the default columns by clicking on the Restore Default button.

Edit Warning Colors

This function can be accessed by clicking on the customize tuning buttons on the far right. It will allow a community to set the number of days that an idea can be inactive before it is given a warning color on the management page. As the moderator hovers over the ideas it will reflect the number of days the idea has been there. Warning colors helps to get the moderator's attention on ideas that have no activity done since those many days.

Idea History

The latest feature we have in Idea Portfolio is the Idea History which displays all the stages the idea has been moved along with other information related to the idea like the date of the stage change, moved by whom, which stage was it moved to, and so on.

This function can be easily accessed by clicking on the idea whose details you wish to view. You would be able to see the history of an idea at a time.

Social Share Tracking

Each idea will now display if the ideas were shared on any social website like Linkedin, Twitter, etc. This will be now displayed after you click on the title of the idea below Idea History. You will be able to view how many times the idea was shared along with the logo of where it was shared.

In the above screenshot, the idea was shared on LinkedIn one time.

Idea Details

The idea details can be accessed by clicking on the idea title. Here moderator can see the idea description, custom fields, linked ideas, annotations, labels applied to the idea, idea submitter, idea owner, idea history, idea tags, and moderator tags. He can also add/remove linked ideas, annotations, and tags.

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