Path: Community Settings >> Customization >> Tabs Settings

Administrators can enable/disable various sub tabs from 'My tab' using this section. The selected tab will be the tab which will be displayed by default while at the same time you could also arrange the tabs in the order you would like to see it.

Customize tabs section is a part of Advanced settings. Simply toggle the switch to access it.

Following is the list of sub tabs which can be customized:

My Ideas: All ideas submitted by a member will be displayed under this sub tab.

Owned Ideas: Ideas for which the member is assigned as an owner will be visible in this one.

Idea Teams: If a member is assigned as a team member for any idea, it will be shown in this sub tab.

Following: If the member is following certain ideas, they are visible under this sub tab.

Action Items: Any ideas which requires the member's action like, ideas in review stage, contribution in fund stage etc. would show in this sub tab.

My Drafts: This contains all the ideas that have been saved as draft by the member.

Private Ideas: Ideas which are privately submitted will be displayed under this sub tab only for administrators, moderators and selected authorized group members.

Private Ideas

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