IdeaScale’s Moderate Idea feature allows Moderators to: edit, merge, delete, disable comment, change campaign and change the stage an idea is in. Moderators can also leverage the Inbound, Off Topic or Recycle Bin stages from here as per the requirements of the community.

  1. Edit an Idea

  2. Merge Idea

  3. Delete an Idea 

  4. Disable Commenting

  5. Change Campaign

  6. Pin Idea to the Landing Page

  7. Inbound, Off Topic and Recycle Bin

To moderate an Idea, click on the Moderate Idea (Hammer sign) button. Below the screenshots taken when the page is shown in List view, Grid view, and Compact view respectively.

Edit an Idea

Moderator needs to click on Edit Idea from the dropdown where a new window of Idea Submission Form will open for editing that idea. After editing the idea, click on the Submit button.

Please Note: Idea submitter can also edit idea in the Ideate stage if Idea is Editable by Idea Submitter switch is turned ON from the path: Community settings >> Customization >> Customize Site Behavior >> Idea Submission settings and also Disable Idea Edit by Submitter is kept as OFF from the campaign setting.

Merge Idea

Click on Merge Idea from the dropdown and choose which Ideas wish to merge.

The first idea will be labeled as Parent Idea.

After that, select the second idea by clicking on Merge Idea which will be labeled as Child Idea but the moderator can also make it Parent Idea.

Moderator can also type a message using the Merge message section during the time of merging two or more ideas and also able to change 'Parent Idea' and 'Child Idea'.

Below is the screenshot of final output where description of Child Idea is shown in the comment section of Parent Idea labeled as Merged. The child idea's comments will be shown as replies to the comment (Merged child idea)

An email will be sent to Idea Author of both ideas with merged idea details.

Please Note: After merging ideas:

  • Author of child idea will be seen as Co-author of parent idea.

  • Tags from parent idea and child idea will be also retained on parent idea.

  • Attachments form both parent and child Idea will be visible in the parent Idea.

  • Custom Fields and Idea Owners of the child idea will not be retained in the Parent idea.

Delete an Idea

Click on Delete Idea from the dropdown.

Please Note: Idea won't be deleted directly, it will be moved to the Recycle bin. Moderators can delete the ideas in Recycle bin permanently from Idea Portfolio and Incoming moderation. Though once deleted permanently from there, it cannot be retrieved.

Disable Commenting

Here is where moderator can disable comments for an idea when selecting Disable Commenting from the dropdown.

Below is the screenshot after disabling commenting. No area for new comment submission will be available.

Change Campaign

Moderator can move an idea into a different campaign by clicking Change Campaign from the dropdown and then selecting a campaign and stage.

Note: 'And Stage' option will not appear if the idea is being moved to the campaign with resides in the same funnel as the current campaign.

Pin Idea to the Landing Page

This option will be available when the community will have a landing page. If moderator selects Pin Idea to the Landing Page from the dropdown, that idea will be shown in the landing page.

Inbound, Off Topic and Recycle Bin

a) Inbound: This stage is only for ideas created by un-authenticated widget users. These ideas are queued up to be either approved by the Member himself after authentication or by an authenticated Moderator. But moderator can't move the idea of other stage into 'Inbound' stage.

b) Off Topic: This is the status and label for an idea if is not relevant in the context of this community. The idea is viewable and searchable, but not part of the main list of ideas (Popular, recent, etc).

c) Recycle Bin:  In this stage, Idea will not be considered as an idea in the community. That idea is hidden entirely from the members of the community.
Please Note: A standard user can view an idea if searched by the Idea Title or Idea Number.

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