IdeaScale allows for 'Rich Text Editing' on all Idea Descriptions, Large Custom Fields, Comments as well as Campaign Briefs, Campaign Question Statement, and the Campaign Instructions. Members can add text styling as described below and the Ideas will display nicely formatted on the Idea Detail page.   

A. Actions: 

  • Bold

  • Italicize

  • Underline

  • Bullets

  • Numbered Bullets

B. Places:

  1. Question/Challenge Statement

  2. Instruction for Idea Submit Form

  3. Campaign Brief

  4. Terms Of Service

Question/Challenge Statement

In this section, text customization is also possible. A screenshot is taken from the 'Question/Challenge Statement' section.

Another screenshot is added to show the output.

Please Note: The user can also hyperlink the text using the (Link) icon. Steps are given below:

a) Select the text and choose the 'link' icon.

b) Paste or type a link in the box that appears and click on the tick mark sign to save the link.

c) Click on 'Save'.
d) Final output.

Instructions for the Idea Submit Form

This section can be customized, too. Screenshots are added below along with output.

Campaign Brief

Users also customize the Campaign Brief section. A screenshot is added to show the view.

Another screenshot is added to show the output.

Besides, some extra bells and whistles are also included to customize the 'Campaign Brief' section:

a) Insert a link with a video: Paste the URL of the video and hyperlink it. Screenshots are added on how to do it along with output.

Screenshot of the video once we have saved the link in Campaign Brief.

Please Note: Inserted URL of the video (Youtube, Vimeo etc.) will be automatically embedded. 

Besides, it also supports the plugins mp4, m4a, ogv, ogg, oga, webm, webmv & wav which allow us to easily upload videos with these extensions from the Community File Library.

Click here to see how to upload file in the community file library

b) Insert a normal link using the Link icon: It can be as shown in the Challenge statement.

Please Note: The color of hyperlink text appears based on Accent 1: (hex color) of the community.

c) To insert an image or PDF from a URL: Paste the URL of the image/PDF and select the URL and hit the Image button or Link button (in case of PDF).  

Please Note: Image URL can be any publicly accessible image, could even be from the IdeaScale image library. The recommended width size of the image is 320 pixels to have a better view on mobile, too.

Besides, users can insert any size of the image which will be made as a responsive image by our UI developers. To learn more contact your Innovation Architect or send an email to [email protected]

Terms Of Service

Customizing this section is also possible. The screenshot is shown the view.

Screenshots are taken before agreeing on the 'Terms of Service' in the campaign.

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