Path: Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Edit

The administrator can characterize the ideas as Selected and Implemented for any particular stage so that administrator can make decisions for advancing with those ideas. Ideas can be marked this way by assigning certain stages during funnel setup from the Funnel Management

Selected Ideas

Implemented Ideas

How to setup the implemented and selected ideas

Outcome of the Implemented and Selected Ideas

Selected Ideas

The ideas have been marked for implementation for any specific stage.

Implemented Ideas 

The ideas which have been considered as implemented for any specific stage.

Setup the tracking of Implemented and Selected Ideas

  • Go to Community Settings >> Workflow >> Funnel Management >> Edit for the funnel you would like to update.

  • Under the stage ( i.e. Ideate, Build team) choose Selected which contains ideas selected for implementation, or choose Implemented which contains ideas that have been implemented.

Once this is set up, the administrator can track the ideas in a selected or implemented stage in the Reporting Dashboard >> Outcomes Report

Impact of Selected & Implemented Ideas in the Outcomes Report

In the outcome reports, a graph will represent the selected and implemented ideas outcomes in terms of number of ideas selected and implemented from the community. The administrator can filter the graph by Year, Campaign, Submitted by (Group Name), and Custom Field Response.  

The graph for Selected ideas outcomes can be seen only by clicking on the Selected (cumulative).

The graph for ‘Implemented’ ideas outcomes can be seen only by clicking on the Implemented (cumulative).

Completion Summary:

The completion summary shows the number of implemented ideas, the number of selected ideas but not implemented, and the number of 'other' ideas that have not marked either of these two criteria. This summary will help to monitor and understand the progress of selecting and implementing ideas. 

Note: The selected and implemented ideas can also be shown on the custom landing page and custom pages. 

Implemented and Selected Badges ( Future Development)

When ideas have reached Implemented or Selected stages, it will display a small badge. The Moderators will get an opportunity to give recognition to the ideas that have been Implemented or Selected.

Grid view:

List view:

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