IdeaScale is excited to announce a new peer-to-peer recognition feature called Kudos 👏. They are awarded to members by members. Members can earn a Kudo to reward/bestow/give, by simply logging into their community. Members can award single or multiple kudos to an idea or comment authors. Members can bank them them and apply one or many to an idea or comment author.

For frequently asked questions about Kudos see help article FAQ on Kudos

  1. Community Kudos
  2. Awarding Kudos
  3. Member Page
  4. Leaderboard

Community Kudos

Community Kudos is the in-app notification section situated on the side navigation bar which displays who gave the member a Kudo. It also displays the number of Kudos received, given and remaining to be given out by the logged in member.

If a member has not awarded Kudos over a period a few days, they can be awarded at a time. The Kudos remaining to be awarded can be see in Remaining count on Community Kudos section.

Awarding Kudos

Kudos can be awarded by clicking on the Kudos emojicon👏 appearing besides the name of a member on the idea or on the comment. Hovering on the 👏 will show the list of members who awarded those Kudos.

On Idea

On Comment

If the member has more Kudos collected and wish to award more that one Kudo to the other member, he can continue to click on the Kudos emojicon👏 multiple times.

Note: Kudos are designed to encourage participation. As such Kudos are meant to be shared with Members that contribute ideas and comments to the community. Members cannot award Kudos to themselves.

Kudos can be awarded from following places:

Idea List View

Grid View

Idea Details Page: Idea

Idea Details Page: Comment

Member Page

Navigating to a member's page will show the number of Kudos received by them. Idea, comment and vote count will no longer appear here.


Members will be able to see the top 10 members leading in the Kudos count.

The leaderboard can be filtered according to the groups to see the leaderboard ranking of the users per group.

Similarly, it can also be filtered as per the month to see monthly top rankers.

For frequently asked questions about Kudos see help article FAQ on Kudos

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